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Can you tell she\'s only wearing a painted bikini?

09. 05. 2020 | Fun - women

We sent out our model Crystal Eastman, 24, to Venice Beach in Los Angeles for a MailOnline experiment to see how many unsuspecting passersby would notice she was not wearing any clothes.\r\n\r\nA professional body painter, Octavio Solis, spent around two hours completing the look. \r\n\r\nSome 25 people clocked the unusual sight and some even stopped to take pictures.\r\n\r\nOne man called out, \'Beautiful\' while another asked, \'Is that painted on?\'\r\n\r\nSo would YOU have realised she was naked?


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Dragon | 09.05.2020 16:23 | Like 0 | Unlike 0

try this with a guy. then i'd be impressed