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Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Back To Muscle Beach

22. 03. 2020 | Celebrity

70 Year Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Back To Muscle Beach.\r\nIf there is someone out there that can match Bruce Lee in terms of legend-status, it\'s Arnold Schwarzenegger. This guy has done it all. A living legend. He\'s now 70 years old, and still going strong. He recently decided to go back to muscle beach and show the guys how it\'s done.


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el_perdon | 22.03.2020 18:47 | Like 0 | Unlike 0

Both Bruce and Arnold came to the US with nothing but a dream. They both managed to change the entire country for the better. It just goes to show how much someone's will and determinator can do. I wish Bruce was alive to see how much he changed the entire world and martial arts. Just like Arnold changed how the world looks at fitness, health and working out. Arnold is an inspiration for millions around the world. And so is Bruce Lee. Two amazing legends.👍👍👍

crazyjoe | 23.03.2020 19:41 | Like 0 | Unlike 0

Arnold goes back to playground to meet his children ;-)